trampoline park insurance

BouncePLUS+ Trampoline Park Insurance

e thing that cannot be questioned at the moment is the popularity of trampoline parks within the UK. A couple of years ago there were no trampoline parks operating in the UK. Times have changed and the UK has seen a boom in the leisure market, specifically trampoline parks. Trampoline parks are a fantastic way to keep children entertained and is a fun form of exercise for all ages.

Trampoline parks are still only a young industry and David J Miller Insurance Brokers have been around since the trampoline park boom started. Our heritage as one of the UK’s leading insurance intermediaries stretches back many years well before the days of trampoline parks.

If you have ever looked into obtaining insurance for a trampoline park, you have more than likely ended up more confused than educated.  With every large purchase or investment the best advice is to seek professional advice. When purchasing a property you would always seek the advice of a surveyor and similarly with an independent inspection when purchasing a vehicle. Insurance is no different which is where David J Miller Insurance Brokers steps it.

A BouncePLUS+ trampoline park insurance policy provides the one thing you would not want to be without……… security for you and your investment. Why take a gamble !

Our bespoke and exclusive insurance policies for trampoline parks, aptly named BouncePLUS+, are underwritten at Lloyd’s, providing excellent financial security to each and every policyholder. Lloyd’s financial strength and ability to meet its on-going insurance policy and contract obligations is largely unrivalled. Lloyd’s currently enjoys an A+ (Strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s, AA- (Very Strong) from Fitch Ratings and A (Excellent) from A.M. Best.

We know all about trampoline park insurance, it’s what we do. We can provide the right cover for your needs whether you simply offer jump and bounce sessions or have additional activities such as Free jumping, Foam Pit, Airbag, Jump tower, Free running/ Parkour, Cage ball, Aero ball, Obstacle course, Bungee trampoline, Basketball, Dodgeball, Trapeze swing, Walk the wall, Slack line, Battle beam, Wipeout beam, Rodeo, Bounceboarding, Fitness classes & Parties / group bookings / private hire.

Traditionally insurers would be very nervous of quirky or hazardous activities and either decline to quote or offer extremely high premiums. Our pro-active risk management processes have not only managed to ease the nerves of our insurers and keep our BouncePLUS+ trampoline park insurance premiums extremely competitive but also reduce the risk of illegitimate claims being awarded.

For more information regarding insurance for trampoline parks and BouncePLUS+ please contact us.

trampoline park insurance
trampoline park insurance

Christmas Stock Insurance

Does your stock increase over and up to Christmas, check your sums insured are adequate. Don’t leave yourself under insured.

A lot of businesses will have increased stock levels leading up to christmas as they get christmas merchandise  ready for delivery customers and retail outlets are likely to have increased stock levels leading up to Christmas and into the new year especially if they buy in for January sales. Check your sums insured are correct as it is this time of the year especially where under insurance can occur which can affect the amount you receive in the event of a loss. No use checking after the event.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

54% of business leaders didn’t know they could be personally and legally liable for a business decision. Only 34% of SME business leaders understand protection is available through Director and officer cover. Investigate now and make sure Directors are protected.

Most Directors think Director and officer Liability only applies to large companies. Totally incorrect! It applies to ALL Limited Companies. The Companies liability may be limited but the Directors Liability isn’t and a claim can come from any number of directions. Customers, Competitors, Suppliers, Employees, other Shareholders, Regulators, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies. A Directors home, cash, pension and other assets can be at risk. Enquire now and make sure you are protected.

trampoline park insurance

Trampoline Park Insurance

Those of you who have recently opened a trampoline park or are currently in the process of doing so will be fully aware of the difficulties in finding the right competitive trampoline park insurance to protect you and your business.

With a thorough understanding of this sector we know all about trampoline park dodgeball, foam pits, airbags & open bounce sessions. We have made it our business to know your business.

A number of insurance companies have suffered large losses recently where appropriate risk management has not been implemented at new trampoline parks which has resulted in a restriction in the number of insurance markets who are willing to provide insurance for a trampoline park and those who will, will only do so where business owners can show that adequate measures have been implemented to provide the right protection for those who participate.  It’s a a case of a small minority spoiling it for the majority.

We can assist with ensuring your risk management, procedures and policies are in place to help get you the right insurance policy at the right price. The right risk management should prevent an incident occurring in the first place but can also help protect you from any illegitimate claims that may be brought against you.

Is your insurance broker asking the right questions? Do they give you the confidence that they understand the trampoline park leisure sector and will be the right people to assist should a claim arise or are they just looking to sell you a policy?

As a recognised, trusted and reliable name for sports and leisure insurance, don’t bounce around looking for your trampoline park insurance, give our leisure insurance team a call and we’ll jump straight to it to get you covered. Call us on 01254 355 158.

Play centre insurance

Children’s Indoor Soft Play Centre Insurance – Defending Liability Insurance Claims

No soft play business owner wants an incident to happen at their premises but should you be unfortunate enough to have a claim brought against you, having all your paperwork in order can be the difference between a claim being upheld or successfully defending a claim.

Sometimes incidents occur that aren’t foreseen and cause an unfortunate injury to someone.

Sometimes when an accident occurs it’s not your fault. Sometimes accidents happen because the injured party hadn’t taken due care and attention or followed given instruction.

Of course your childrens indoor soft play centre insurance is there to protect you and pay out should claims be brought against you. After all that’s what you pay your premium for. However when claims are paid this leaves a stain on your insurance for soft play centre claims record which insurers have to consider when choosing to offer their insurance terms and often results in an increase in premiums or your ability to actually find cover should there be a long history of claims.

In todays litigious society it’s all too easy for allegations to be made against you and your business. The first you hear about the claim is a no-win no-fee solicitors letter landing on your doorstep making allegations regarding an incident that has occurred at your business. Unfortunately there are too many people buying into the where there’s blame there’s a claim culture.

When allegations are made it is for you to provide supporting evidence to challenge the allegation and without the right paperwork to challenge it is like fighting with both hands tied behind your back.

When allegations are made it’s a difficult time for the business owner and can be very distressing as you may have a different version of events, but it is for you to prove that consideration had been given to the hazard and appropriate steps taken to prevent incidents or information provided to forewarn and advise best practise to prevent injury.

I often have similar conversations with distressed business owners asking “Why are they getting away with this? I didn’t do anything wrong!” Even though you may have a different version of events it is for you to prove the allegations are false. As such, having supporting evidence is your first line of defence in the event of any litigation.

Claimants solicitors usually follow the same suit in their letters making allegations of;

Failure to maintain a safe environment under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957

Failure to conduct a risk assessment which is contrary to regulation 3 of the Management Of Health And Safety At Work Regulations

Failure to ensure all play equipment is compliant with BS EN 1176 & BS EN 1177

Requesting evidence of pre-incident risk assessments

Evidence of post-incident risk assessments

Evidence of fore-warning by means of signage etc.

In respect of employers liability where there is no task specific risk assessment (for example cleaning the ball pool) , and in respect of public liability where there is no hazard specific risk assessment (for example suitable signs detailing restrictions of use) there would be difficulties in defending the claim and in most cases the claim would be upheld.

Should you and your soft play insurance providers wish to challenge any claims brought against you will need to provide the supporting evidence in the form of risk assessments.

For more information on health and safety and risk assessments the government website is very helpful. You can download risk assessments templates and a risk assessment guide which gives you more information about carrying out your own assessments.

A competent person must conduct risk assessments which must be reviewed periodically and a specific risk assessment in respect of the incident should be conducted and recorded post any incident.

A further line of defence is providing 3rd party evidence that the premises have been inspected by Rospa or another soft play centre industry specialist and all recommendations complied with.  This inspection should be carried out periodically or when there are any changes or additions to the activities provided.

For more information about insurance for soft play or risk management please contact us.

Business Insurance – Eliminate Work-Related Health Risks

You may be surprised to hear that there is one work-related death from cancer every 47 seconds.

As such, employers should take measures to review the Health section under Health & Safety within their insurance policy to ensure they reduce this risk. Following are some tips to minimise exposure:

The initial step should be to identify areas of work that could potentially cause cancer.

Once the risk areas have been identified, follow this up with a redesign plan as to eliminate the risk.

Review the products used within the production process to ensure risk is eliminated, for example, replacing lead paint with acrylic will prevent the exposure of toxic dust particles/chippings as the paint deteriorates.

Furthermore, review the preventable measures of dust control in the work area with an initial walk-through assessment. Using local exhaust ventilation to remove airborne contaminants; applying general ventilation methods; or ordering materials to exact size, rather than having to resize within a work area, will reduce airborne contaminants.

You can further reduce exposure to airborne particles generated by rotating the work force, thus limiting the period of time individuals are exposed.

Should you be unable to eliminate exposure by means of the methods above, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) should be supplied and used accordingly.


Personal Accident Insurance – Employee Accident and Sickness Cover

When an employee is absent due to an injury they have sustained, you could be left to manage the business for a prolonged period of time with the additional build-up of costs to cover their absence.

Personal Accident Insurance is relatively cheap and can provide much needed payments to your small business to help offset those costs. You can also choose to include sickness cover, which will fix your sickness costs over a twelve month period.

Avoid Under Insurance

When taking out property owners insurance, your initial goal should be to assess the expenses to rebuild the building utilising existing materials. Totalling these expenses using modern materials will present a huge difference in cost.

You should query rebuilding costs with the surveyors when initially purchasing a property.

The costs for rebuilding will increase annually and therefore, you MUST increase your sum insured by the rise in building costs each year. If you do not increase the sum insured in accordance with building cost increase, you may find yourself under insured and may get any future claim reduced as a result.

The majority of claims which have been reduced by insurers are a direct result of under insurance.

For example, compounding an annual increase of 3% over 6 years gives you an overall increase of 19.43%. If you have a claim costing £100,000.00, it would likely cost you £19.430.00 in reduction by insurers due to under insurance.

Professional Advice – Be covered for the advice you give

Does your trade require you to give advice to customers or clients?

If you do give advice as part of your profession, you should be aware that you will not be covered under a Public Liability Insurance policy as this type of policy only covers damage or injury to a third party.

Should you give advice which causes a loss to your customer or client, you may be found liable.

For example: a joiner explains to his customer that their property has woodworm and advises that their customer can treat this using certain products and methods. The treatment fails and the roof requires replacing as a consequence of the professional advice given. The Joiner would not be covered under a Public Liability policy and would instead require Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Professional Indemnity insurance extends to include most types of trade where you are required to give professional advice.

Avoid straying into the ‘Advice arena’ and getting caught out.

Low Temperature Risk – Tips to avoid burst pipes

There is a risk of rapid decline in temperature at this time of year, so ensuring you make the right moves to avoid burst pipes can help to prevent any damage and disruption to your daily lives.

If you have central heating, and low temperatures are indicated, turn your thermostat on to a constant 15* Celsius overnight, or when leaving your property.

Turning off the water at the main ‘Stop Tap’ could also help to avoid burst pipes by reducing the volume of water expanding within the pipes, and thus minimising the pressure build-up in freezing temperatures.

If you have water tanks or pipes in the roof area, opening up the hatches to the roof area will allow warm air to circulate within this space.

Taking out Boiler & Home Emergency Insurance will provide you with piece of mind for domestic emergencies which are not covered within a standard home insurance policy.

Burst pipes can happen easily, and in the unfortunate event of this occurring while you are away from the property, even for only a couple of hours, it can cause severe damage to your home or business.